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Introducing Valiant. A simple way to diversify and add value.

Expanding your business into the commercial lending market is not only a great way to add value for your customers and grow your business, it’s a wise move for those looking to insulate against industry changes and residential property market corrections. Commercial lending is a $9 billion market and with the general economy on the upturn, the opportunities are only likely to increase over the next few years.

According to the latest MFAA Industry Intelligence Service report (IIS), the number of residential mortgage brokers who also sell commercial lending products has increased by 124% in the last two years. By partnering with Valiant, Connective has made it simple and easy for our residential home loan brokers to create a new high-value income stream from commercial lending.

Who is Valiant?

Valiant is Australia’s largest business lending platform. It gives you access to over 70 business lenders with dedicated support from a team of credit specialists in unsecured working capital, debtor, trade commercial property, and development finance. Valiant can give you fast, professional support to provide a finance solution for any business need.

In combination with Connective Asset Finance and BOLT, Connective’s partnership with Valiant significantly strengthens your finance toolkit and allows you to have a conversation about almost any finance need with your clients.

How does it work?

Valiant is a referral-based service with a highly skilled credit specialist team to find your client the right finance solution. It’s simple, fast and easy to expand your offer into commercial lending. Integrated with Mercury, simply provide Valiant your customer’s contact details and their expert team will take care of the rest.

With Valiant you can:

  • Make referrals online in just 2-minutes
  • Access an expert credit team to assess your referrals
  • Get answers for your referral in as little as 24 hours
  • Earn commission on your settled transactions
  • Track your client referrals, loan status and commission
  • Provide your clients with a full range of business loans
  • Have as much or as little involvement with service delivery as you like
  • Provide a genuinely professional service to your customers without any commercial lending expertise at all.

How to find out more

Connective Wiki has everything you need to know about Valiant and how to maximise your income by taking advantage of this exciting partnership. You’ll find a wealth of valuable information that tell you how to:

  • Increase your client base by accessing 70+ business and commercial lending partners
  • Grow your business by offering all forms of finance, from personal to commercial
  • Access free educational material, marketing tools and resources
  • Keep your clients happy with both personal and business finance solutions
  • Remove the hassle of managing business financing and get your time back
  • Get immediate access to Valiant and add commercial lending to your customers now.

For more information on Connective’s partnership with Valiant or using Valiant’s business loan platform, please contact a Valiant BDM by calling them on (02) 9571 0218 or  emailing today.