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DO MORE DIGITAL – Zapier is here!

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Digital technology is constantly changing the way we do business. It seems like there’s a whole new way to reach out to consumers almost every day – there’s new apps, new social media platforms, marketing platforms, business management platforms and more. That’s why we’ve given Mercury the capacity to talk with other systems with the Mercury Connect API – so you and your business will be fully future-proof!

Find out more about Mercury Connect and what you can do with it here.

Discover the huge potential of Zapier.

We’ve now included Zapier in Mercury Connect to give you the capacity to easily connect Mercury with more apps to use in your business. Zapier is simple and powerful – providing you with more than 1,000 digital applications to choose from, with a wide variety of purposes.

Zapier has huge potential – you can use it to power up your existing workflows, automate tasks and create new time saving processes. You can also use it to improve your marketing by linking with agile platforms like MailChimp that make your email marketing more effective. Or using it to collect leads from your social media platforms and feeding them directly into your Opportunities. You can even use it to sync with other CRM platforms, like Salesforce, or to talk with the CRM of your referral partners.

You don’t need a degree in IT!

You’ll find that Mercury Connect and Zapier is:

  • Easy to set up. Simply follow our easy instructions on Connective Wiki!
  • Ready to go. Just use the templates we’ve already created for you!

To get started with Zapier and to find out more, check it out on Connective Wiki here. If you need more help, simply click your Help icon in Mercury and the Helpdesk Team will assist!