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Connective Resolve is now Connective Advance

Connective Advance

We have renamed our ThinkTank Commercial and SMSF product to Connective Advance (previously Connective Commercial Resolve). From Monday 21 October you will start to see Connective Advance branding in Mercury and on all material.

What is Connective Advance?

Connective Advance is the new name for our commercial and SMSF product funded by Think Tank, previously named Connective Commercial Resolve. It is the same great product with the same great features. Just a new name. Connective Advance gives your clients access to simple, flexible commercial property and SMSF loan products.

Why the name change?

Connective Home Loans is a portfolio of products supported by four funders. Each funder has their own brand: Essentials, Solutions, Select and now Advance. We recently undertook a companywide brand review and found Connective Advance is more closely aligned to our complete portfolio.

What do I need to do?

  • Nothing. Connective Advance is the same great product with the same great features. Just a new name. From Monday 21 October, Connective Resolve will be renamed Connective Advance in Mercury.
  • If you would like any training on commercial or SMSF lending, or need support to workshop a deal, please contact your local ThinkTank or Connective Home Loans BDM. We are here to step you through the entire process and ensure you and your client have a fantastic experience. You can also check out our Wiki or the Connective Home Loans website to learn more about Connective Advance.