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Connective Asset Finance Case Study – Slava Chourouev

Slava Chourourev


Urban Finance Brokers is an Adelaide-based broking business established in 2015 by Slava, as part of the Urban Commercial Property Group. Urban Finance Brokers provide a full range of loan options to their customers, from residential and commercial property mortgages to asset and small business finance. We recently caught up with Slava to find out how BOLT and the Processing Team help to make his asset finance deals more efficient and profitable. Here’s what Slava had to say.

Equipment Finance Case Study


Slava Chourouev, Urban Finance Brokers


I have a small business client who was experiencing cash-flow difficulties due to circumstances beyond his control – he had a major contract with a business that was going into liquidation. This caused him to be late on some repayments for his business equipment. At the same time, the balloon payment for his equipment finance became due and he did not have the funds to pay it out.


The finance company was at the point of repossessing the equipment – which was specifically purchased for this client’s business. Losing this equipment would have ended the client’s business and his capacity to work his way out of debt. He was looking at losing his home to cover these debts, so it would have been devastating to his personal financial situation too.


Refinancing with the existing finance company was not an option because of the late repayments. So, I went to the BOLT Team and asked them for help. They came up with a great solution that literally saved the client’s business! They recommended that the client trade-in his current equipment, which would allow him to pay out the existing loan and purchase brand new equipment – a move which meant he could start fresh with a clean financial record.


The outcome for the client has been amazing. His business is benefiting financially from the new equipment, which is much better than the old equipment. We have also helped him to acquire a new equipment loan with a more competitive interest rate and lower monthly repayments, which has improved his business’ cash-flow situation considerably. There will also be no balloon payment to make at the end of the new loan term – the equipment will be his business asset to sell or trade-in for another upgrade as needs be.

Tell us a bit about your background and why you chose to join Connective.

Over the years, I have worked with several mortgage and finance broking businesses in South Australia. They all used different aggregators, which gave me the opportunity to try out their different IT platforms. Connective was the aggregator at the last business I worked for – and I was very impressed with Mercury and the overall professionalism of the group. So, when I began thinking of going out on my own, Connective was my first choice.

How long have you been offering your clients asset and small business finance? Is there much demand for these services?

I have been offering asset and small business finance to my clients from the beginning! I think it’s essential to offer more than just home loans as probably 90% of clients will need a car or some other sort of asset at some stage.

I also work closely with an accountant and their small business customers. For example, if any of his clients need to spend money on their business before the end-of-financial-year to reduce their tax debt, he will refer them to me. It’s very important for small business clients to have a broker they can trust to work with their accountant, and act quickly when necessary.

In three words, how would you describe BOLT?
Quick. User-friendly. Helpful!

How often do you lodge asset finance deals?

My goal is to lodge at least two deals per month – usually they’re asset finance or equipment finance deals. It’s a quick way to generate extra income for my business.

How long have you been using BOLT?

I’ve been using BOLT for over a year – since it was first launched by Connective. I’m very happy with the improved application process. The guys at the office are quick to respond to my scenarios, provide solutions and help with lodging the application to the lender. They also have shown me this awesome process efficiency where the client can upload documents to BOLT by themselves, which saves me time and hassle!
What are the BOLT features you like best?

BOLT makes it quick and easy to submit an application. And the BOLT Team gives great support – they do a lot for you.

Please provide an example of BOLT and the Processing Team helping you with an issue that has arisen.

To be perfectly honest, I have had no issues with any deals since I have been using BOLT and getting assistance from the BOLT Processing Team. However, I can provide an example of a scenario that would have been an issue without their help!

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