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An Australian Ode to Asset Finance Christmas By Connective Broker, Tony van de Kerkhof, JK Finance

Santa banner


December time is here, and

The sun is shining bright,

The barbecues are firing and

The beer’s certainly not light.


Lots of conversations

Around the table were had,

“OMG did you see her new car?”

“This SUV craze doesn’t look like a fad!”


Barry bought a caravan

And Martin took home a boat!

Thommo bought a Harley,

And Jenny got an expensive coat.


Barry checked the bank,

Martin asked his folks,

Thommo begged his missus,

Jenny’s husband began to choke.


When one by one

They were told it was looking glum,

They turned to each other and said

“Gosh I wish I had someone who could handle this for me instead!”


Insert Connective Broker

Smartest in all the land

Who came up with the solution

That gave hope to the whole band.


“I’ve got BOLT and Ratesetter,

Pepper Money too

Leave it all to me

Our solutions are far from few!”


So with gusto they set to work

Toiling all the while

And within a few days

Everyone had a smile.


Barry went camping,

Martin was on the river

Thommo’s missus loved the new rig,

Jenny’s bank account was left with more than a sliver.


And so ends this tale of Christmas indulgence,

Christmas for these poor folks had been saved

Not one could speak higher of their mate the broker

And much extra spending money for the broker was certainly paid!