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ALI Reward Program Improvements


ALI Group is making a cracking start on its New Year resolutions. They’re improving their reward program and aiming for instant gratification (well, faster gratification anyway).

New Rewards Timing

Starting February 1, submit your LPP (Loan Protection Plan) applications one month, then you’ll receive your reward points the following month. That means ALI are changing the timing of LPP reward points payment to lodgement/application.

Key things to note

The new reward point payment timing has already started. That means for any LPP applications you submit during February, reward points will be credited to your rewards account by mid-month March 2017

Are you using insurance to reach your goals in 2017?

Offering insurance products to your clients is a great way to add value to your services and maximise the opportunities that already exist in your database. Show your clients you care – every reward point you earn from ALI is given because another Australian home or property buyer is protected from risk.

To find out more, talk to your ALI BDM today. Just call 1800 006 776 to find out how you can participate, if you don’t already. If you’d like advice about integrating insurance products into your offer, talk to your local Broker Support Manager today.