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ACT Government buyback scheme to eradicate asbestos in houses in Canberra (Mr Fluffy)


What this means is that if a client contacts ING Direct they will be put in touch with someone from their Hardship Team (if needed) or their Existing Business Team who will talk then through what assistance can be offered. Where a client makes a submission for assistance through a broker the ING Direct Deal Number should be quoted and the Existing Business area will assign the file to one of their specialist team members. Each Case is different (they have had several submissions so far, all with different scenarios) so they are working through these on a case by case basis.
Where they receive a submission for substitution of security they will need to be provide with:
– The client’s Letter of Eligibility for the Buyback Program specifying the affected premises
– The offer of purchase from the relevant authority. (ING has been advised that there is currently a delay in valuing these properties so this may not be available at the time of submission but will be required when it becomes available)