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5 reasons to offer white label loans

“The capacity to workshop a deal with a lender makes a real difference.” Haris Memic, Novus Finance. Read more from Haris

The credit squeeze is creating a great point of difference for brokers offering white label loan products. With loan approvals becoming increasingly difficult to obtain, even for the most credit-worthy customers, the capacity to work with a lender on a scenario can make all the difference. Customers also enjoy the simplicity, savings and more personalised service that come with a white label loan.

What’s a white label loan?

A white label loan is an ‘un-branded’ mortgage product, much like the ‘home-brand’ products you find at your local supermarket. They’re popular with budget conscious customers for the savings they offer.

White label loans enable lenders to increase their range of loans in the market and provide more competitive options without de-valuing their public brand. Connective Home Loans currently offers white label products from Advantedge (NAB) and Pepper, with several more options in the pipeline.

Why should you include them in your offer?

Here’s the top 5 reasons why you should consider offering Connective Home Loans white label products:

#1 Exclusive: Your customers can only access white label loans through you. You can also provide more personalised service, which increases referrals and aids in retention.

#2 Straightforward: Your customers get the full choice of loan features, but only pay for what they need.

#3 Competitive: The lenders behind our products are on a mission to beat the big bank brands on interest rates, fees and charges.

#4 Flexible: The products are backed by reputable lenders and are suitable for a home or property investment. They’re also great if your customer has complex borrowing requirements.

#5 Simple: Your customers get the convenience of online and phone banking, transaction accounts, and access to funds via ATM and EFTPOS. Easy!

A recent survey indicated 4 out of 5 customers would ‘highly recommend’ the broker who set up their Connective Home Loan. If you haven’t used Connective Home Loans before, maybe it’s time to take another look? Contact your local Broker Support Manager to find out more today.

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