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10 simple ways to get more followers on social media

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Making an impact on social media can be a challenge. While you can connect with potentially thousands of customers, industry experts and influencers, it’s also an incredibly crowded space where standing out can be difficult. Here’s 10 simple ways you can get more followers on social media and expand your reach in your mortgage and finance broking business, without wasting your valuable time.

  1. Focus on where your clients go online

There are hundreds of social media platforms so it’s important to pick the ones that will reach the most potential clients, as these will have the biggest impact to your bottom line.

For a mortgage and finance broking business, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the best way to reach your audience and you’ll need to be active on at least one of these channels. YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat are less used, but are increasing in popularity, particularly amongst the Gen Y segment of the market.

You’ll need to consider how each channel can actually benefit your business, according to your target audience. For example, if your mortgage and finance broking business mostly caters to people over 50, an image curation site might not be a match made in heaven, so a platform like Pinterest could be of less use. However, if you’re focusing on your local neighbourhood as your target audience, there might be an opportunity to use Instagram’s location tagging to become a key influencer in your area.

To determine which social media platforms are most important to your customers, Hubspot recommends the following as sure fire methods for prioritising which platforms you should use:

  • Keyword research
  • Customer surveys
  • Competitor and industry research
  1. Complete your entire profile and pay attention to detail

First impressions last so it’s important that your page profile really works for you. A great display picture, bio and relevant contact and business information are all important to include, as they are the first touch points for visitors to your social media pages.

Most importantly, you really need to ensure your profile is fully completed. A properly completed profile communicates professionalism, commitment and authenticity. You wouldn’t invite customers into a half stocked store, so why should they expect any less from your social media pages! For mortgage and finance brokers, it is also important to remember that including relevant disclaimers in all your social advertising is a compliance requirement..

Many social media pages give you space for a display picture and a cover or header image on your profile page. This space can be used to promote ongoing campaigns or communicate important messages and calls to action. Facebook also has a call to action button that can be used on your profile page to promote ‘Sign Ups’ ‘Contact’ and other acquisition prompts.

  1. Promote your social presence

Social media platforms are crowded spaces, so you need to ensure your social media presence is promoted everywhere – from newsletters and web content to letter drops and even on your shop front or fleet cars. It’s also worth promoting your social media presence across each channel and sharing content across multiple platforms.

  1. Connect with influencers in your industry

Connecting with industry influencers via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media platforms can put you front and centre with large audiences and attract more followers to your page or channel. Influencers in mortgage and finance can include journalists and bloggers. Retweet their content and tag them in your content. Consider guest blogging on their platform or recruiting them to blog on yours. Connecting with key influencers will give you authority and help you develop your online reputation, eventually you might find you’re an influencer as well.

  1. Create and curate great content

Most social media platforms love it when you post fresh and original content. recommends using a program called Fanpage Karma to help you identify the most popular posts in your niche. A combination of original content and popular advice on mortgages and finance can turn your social media channel into an authority resource quickly, leading to more shares and engagement from your audience.

  1. Automate your broadcasts

As you build multiple profiles across several social media platforms, managing them all can become time consuming. Using a service like Buffer can help automate posting broadcast content across multiple channels. You can also queue up posts for specific times and time zones when you might otherwise be busy and gather metrics and data on what works and what doesn’t.

  1. Use data wisely

Social media platforms provide key metrics in the form of views, likes, shares and other engagement markers. Knowing what these actually mean can be the difference between an optimised social media experience and a time sink. A / B split testing works on social channels, but as a business, it’s important not to treat social media as simply a place to advertise.

Be part of the conversation and look to engage and entertain your audience. Provide valuable and interesting content, track how they perform, and focus on awareness and engagement rather than just inbound web traffic. Make the most of your social media presence and grow your audience efficiently through data.

  1. Coordinate with multi-channel marketing

SMS marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and television are all marketing channels that you can use in coordination with your social media marketing efforts.

Knowing that large sections of your audience combine web surfing with social media engagement during particular times of the day or week can help coordinate a consistent message across multiple platforms.

You can also create content in line with relevant and popular media channels. If a news outlet is running a story on mortgage spikes, target your next piece of content by addressing concerns and promote it with hashtags across multiple channels.

  1. Maintain your sites

If you use a service like Twitter, it’s important to regularly go through and audit the people and brands you are following. It’s not always easy to find bloggers and industry leaders that just talk about mortgages or loans, but the broader Australian financial sector has many commentators, from journalists and bloggers to businesses and government organisations.

Regular audits can help you assess if you’re still following relevant channels. You can also assess the value of conversations and engagements. As your business focus changes and evolves, you’ll notice some of your social media squad are no longer relevant to your business and you’ll want to unfollow them or remove their content from your feed so you can focus on engaging conversations in your area of expertise.

Monitoring and auditing your social media presence can also help you discover what customers and the general public are saying about your brand. You might want to consider sharing replies so your audience knows that you’re active on the platform. Engaged brands attract more followers than channels that only broadcast to their content.

  1. Know how to segment your advertisements to the right audience

Most social media platforms generate revenue through an advertisement model. Sponsoring a post or tweet can be an effective lead generating tool when used as part of an overall strategy that targets the right audience segments.

When sponsoring a post on Facebook, for example, the network gives you options to target users from specific geographical locations, age groups and interests. This gives you plenty of options to target only the types of customers that would be interested in the content you are posting. Understanding the ‘personas’ (types of people looking for your services) and how to reach them through segmentation is a key skill in attracting more followers, boosting your online presence and getting a great return on your investment.

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