Why your clients will love Connective Home Loans Smart Options

What makes Connective Home Loans Smart Options?

48 hour turnaround

Give your customers fast service and peace of mind with 48 hour application approvals.

Upfront Valuations

Provide your clients with free valuations to add value to your services and help you to make accurate projections for their budgeting requirements.

Direct Access to Lender BDMs

Get fast assistance with difficult scenarios by calling your own Lender BDM directly.

Access to DocuSign®

Save time for both you and your clients by using DocuSign ® to deliver and return documents to your clients for signature.

Fantastic Customer Experience

Both you and your customers will experience personalised service from start to finish of the application process!

Electronic Banking

With all Smart Options products, your customers enjoy facilities such as telephone banking, internet banking, multiple split accounts and multiple offset accounts for increased convenience and better money management.


Your clients can rest assured that they have secured a reliable loan because it is secured by Macquarie. Macquarie go to great lengths to ensure that their rates always remain competitive in the market!

Competitive rates.

To see what’s on offer for residential owner occupier and investor principal and interest lending right now, just click below.

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