Louise Ashby

Louise Ashby is an International motivational speaker, coach, author and activist. With an amazing life story of twists of fate, Louise Ashby is a remarkable young woman, while facing monumental obstacles, beat the odds. The radical changes that Louise was forced to endure have not only empowered her but she has steadfastly pursued her lifelong goals and found success in the face of tragedy.

Louise Ashby was born in Australia but grew up in London until the age of 21. Louise moved to Los Angeles to start her life a fresh and follow her dream of being an actress. 

This dream was shattered a mere three weeks after arriving in Hollywood. Louise was involved in what the authorities attest was to be the worst auto accident in Beverly Hills in thirty years. Her family were phoned and told to get Concorde so that they may have a chance to say their goodbyes. But for Louise, there were no goodbyes necessary. 

After waking from a coma and finding herself surrounded by machines and a bandaged head, which she couldn't move, it was explained to her that she had lost the entire left side of her head. Her modeling pictures were around the wall of the intensive care unit and it wasn't for decoration but so the doctors could see how she was supposed to look. 

After being told that she was blind in one eye, had lost smell and taste and the left front lobe of her brain, which controls inhibitions, her journey to recovery was only beginning. For ten years she went through 18 surgeries and today looks the same as before and has used the experience to help others. 

Louise is popular on the speaking circuit, where she aims to help others see the light at the end of the tunnel and shares her tools and gifts on how to get through trauma.