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LAM Events & Live Networking


Be sure to sign up early for any upcoming home shows in your region to secure a booth. It’s a good idea to target your marketing to the theme of the home show, so if it’s about home improvements for example, advertise how you can provide finance options that will help prospective customers with renovations on their properties. If you can’t secure a booth, attend the home show with business cards and strike up a conversation, or team up with a referral partner. Remember, if done well, home shows can be a cost-effective marketing tool and mega lead generator!

Fetes, fairs and festivals

Community fetes, fairs and festivals are hot spots for making new connections. They’re a great way to get yourself known in your local community. Like home shows, you can engage with prospective clients on a face-to-face level. Find out whether there are any such events being organised by local schools, the council, or your local business association. Sometimes working with your favourite local charity organisation or Lion’s Club are a good way to get involved with local events.

If you have a stall, include eye-catching visuals and give-aways, such as pens or fridge magnets with your broker details. Try to offer valuable information to prospects in exchange for their contact details, perhaps by encouraging them to visit your website to download a relevant article. Alternatively, you could promote ‘free home loan health checks’. Another tip: attract the kids and the parents will follow. Free balloons and stickers work a treat!

Local business networking events

Get out there and shake some hands! Networking events can be a great place to build rapport with others in your industry, as well as meet prospective clients in your local community. Join your local chamber of commerce or business association and sign up for their networking events to actively build relationships. Working with your local footy club or sporting organisation is a great way to meet people and get involved too. Look on social media to see what’s happening in your area – you’ll be surprised how many businesses and clubs host these sort of events on a regular basis.

Alternatively, why not host some of your own?  Networking events can easily be arranged at local cafes and restaurants – you’ll find they’re usually excited about the extra custom. Ask other business owners to attend and invite their regular customers along.


Auctions can be a goldmine for lead generation if you’re a mortgage broker. Where else can you find so many people in the market for a mortgage in the one location? If you have a client who has recently gained pre-approval, you could offer to attend an auction with them to provide support. If you really want to attract attention, incorporate your advertising into the mix, either via an advertisement on the side of your work vehicle, or on an umbrella. Perhaps you could wear a T-Shirt that says something like: “Ask me about your home loan!”

Host your own educational sessions

How about getting the prospects to come to you? Organise an educational event that is jam-packed with useful information for existing and potential clients. You could advertise it as a “property market update” evening and partner with a local real estate agent to discuss what’s happening in the property world. Alternatively, you could host a budgeting or debt management session, talk about property investment – or something else you’re particularly knowledgeable about.

To get people through the door, encourage existing clients to invite their friends and family to the information evening. Post the event on social media and experiment with boosting your posts. Remember, the key is to provide an incentive for prospects to attend. Consider offering a prize draw or other form of incentive to get people through the door.

We hope you’ve found these tips on where to meet new customers handy. Another great way to reach prospective clients is through social media marketing, particularly if you want to host your own events. We also offer a Connective Socialise service which provides regular posts to your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts to help support your social media marketing efforts. To find out more, please visit Connective Wiki or talk with your local Broker Support Manager today. And in the meantime, what are you waiting for? Get out there and start prospecting!